Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring or merging with another company can add tremendous value to your existing business. Mergers and acquisitions can also facilitate an exit strategy.

At StoneBridge Business Partners, we've been helping our clients make smart decisions about mergers and acquisitions since the founding of our firm.

Welcome to Stonebridge Business Partners

StoneBridge Business Partners specializes in investigatory and analytical business consulting. We deliver specialty compliance auditing, fraud and forensics services, government contracting services, business valuation, merger and acquisition consulting, litigation support to institutions, government organizations, federal agencies and contractors, non-profits, and businesses, including numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

Fraud & Forensics

Financial fraud is becoming more common, and more sophisticated. The professionals of StoneBridge Business Partners have a long history of investigating and documenting fraud wherever it occurs—in relationships between franchisees and franchisors, buyers and sellers, among business partnersor employees.

Compliance Auditing

Contracts and agreements are a critical first step in a business relationship, but they are only paper; their power comes in their enforcement, which begins with auditing.

Over the years, StoneBridge Business Partners has audited almost every kind of agreement imaginable.

Business Valuation

Whether you are contemplating a merger or acquisition, estate, gift or succession plan, settling a business dispute, or updating a buy-sell agreement, business valuation is at the foundation of well-reasoned business decisions. When you have a deep understanding of the value of your business, you can move forward with confidence.

Government Contracting

Stonebridge Business Partners provides full service DCAA accounting, auditing, financial management, compliance and forensic oversight, as well as a full range of contract cost accounting and cost recovery services to both federal agencies and prime federal contractors.

Litigation Support

When a business dispute becomes a legal dispute, attorneys often require consultants who have expertise in several highly technical areas, such as forensic accounting, business valuation, internal auditing, taxation, finance, audit and accounting, as well as expertise in specific industries.


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